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Hip Hop - w/ Aisha Wand

  • Hip Hop 1 (Aisha)  Basic fundamentals of Hip Hop for the beginner student. Classes focus on rhythm and body awareness.  No prior dance required.
  • Hip Hop 2  (Aisha)  Classes focus on Hip Hop style, musicality, and technique. Basic understanding of dance terminology.  2 years of dance required.
  • Hip Hop 3-4 (Aisha)  For intermediate level dancers. Classes focus on Hip Hop style, musicality, and performance.  Different styles of Hip Hop will be introduced. Proficiency in general dance terminology required.
  • Advanced Hip Hop (Aisha)  Advanced Hip Hop Classes focus on quality of movement and performance skills. Dancers explore various techniques of Hip Hop. 6+ years of dance and full understanding of dance terminology required.

Contemporary/Jazz - w/ Sandra Coster

  • Contemporary/Jazz 1 (Sandra)  Class will focus on flexibility, technique, and body awareness. Basic ballet and understanding of ballet terminology suggested. 1-2 yrs of dance required.
  • Contemporary/Jazz 2 (Sandra)  Class will focus on strength, flexibility, and musicality. Progressions of advanced turns and jumps will be incorporated with choreography. Understanding of ballet terminology and 3-4 yrs of dance required.

Ballet  - w/Michele Mitzel & Sarah Lozoff

  • Pre Ballet (Aisha)- Little ones first Introduction to ballet terms and postures. 4-6yrs
  • Ballet 1a  (Michele)  & Ballet 1b (Michele & Sarah)  An introduction to basic ballet & contemporary technique for the beginner dancer. Class focuses on positions and placement. Dancers will be introduced to ballet terminology and etiquette.  There is a dress code for this class.

  • Ballet Technique 2 (Michele & Sarah)  Dancers who have had at least 2 years of ballet will continue to learn ballet technique and work on placement, terminology, combinations, etiquette and strength.  There is a dress code for this class.
  • Ballet Technique 3 (Michele & Sarah)  Dancers who have had a least 4 years of ballet will continue with fundamentals of ballet technique. Working on placement, terminology, repertoire,  strength, flexibility and ballet combinations across the floor. There is a dress code for this class.
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