Adult Classes




Advanced Contemporary~

Class will focus on strength, flexibility, and musicality. Advanced  jazz and lyrical dance styles will be introduced as well as performance skills. Progressions of advanced turns and jumps will be incorporated with choreography and across the floor combinations. Ballet is required for this class. 6+years dance required.


Instructed by: Aisha



Int/Adv Hip Hop~

This class focuses on quality of movement and performance skills. Dancers will explore various techniques of hip hop styles such as popping, locking, waving and gliding. 6+ years of dance and full understanding of dance terminology required.


Instructed by: Aimee



Ballet Technique 3/4~

Intermediate advanced ballet for dancers with at least 4-5 years of ballet will continue with fundamentals of ballet technique. Working on placement, terminology, repertoire, strength, flexibility, and ballet combinations across the floor. there is a dress code for this class.
Leotard and pink tights.


Instructed by: Paige



Beg/Int Teen Adult Hip-Hop~

No prior dance is required.  Learn the fundamentals of hip-hop with a focus on rhythm, hip-hop movement and musicality in a fun environment.


Instructed by: Aisha



Barre Fitness~

Barre Fitness is not just fitness. It is a body-burning,  stretch and strengthening system that will change the way you look and feel about working out.  

Barre is a low impact ballet based workout that combines ballet postures and positions with high repetition movements and light weights to tone and sculpt the entire body. Barre targets those hard to reach areas such as:  Inner thighs, hips, butt , arms and abs to create the long lean muscle tone of a dancer.

You DO NOT have to be a dancer or have a dance backgroud to do Barrre Fitness, but you will reap all the benefits of that beautiful dancer's body!


Instructed by: Aisha




Drop-ins welcome.  $15 (1 hr) & $20 (1+ hr) classes.   Punch Cards available (discount offer)




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280 E Hersey #14, Ashland



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